communication designer + linguist

Hi, My name is Lauren Kenny. I am a junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying communication design and linguistics.

I am a designer interested in communication. Through my studies, I am learning about communication through a visual lens and a scientific lens. I am interested in all forms of communication whether that is through traditional language, symbols, Morse code, braille, body language, or anything else. I hope to gain a better understanding of how people communicate and what underlies these methods so that I can use design to aid communication.

I am interested in data visualization, usability, experience design, communication design, typography, color theory, and motion graphics. When I'm not in the studio you can find me on a run in Schenley Park, at a local concert, or at home with my two dogs.

I am currently looking for Summer 2020 internships and/or freelance work. Please reach out if you would like to work together or if you just want to talk about type or design things with me!​​​​​​​